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Finnish Lessons for European Schools


JOENSUU (Finland)

21 – 25 January 2019


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The Eekhout Academy organizes its international courses in cooperation with local partners and schools.


This course is run in collaboration with North Karelia College Joensuu 
Tulliportindkatu 3
80101 Joensuu
PIC 947752954


Participants in this course will learn all about the Finnish educational system by visiting schools with an outstanding quality development plan in Joensuu North-Karelia (Finland). Finland’s answer to educational reform results in a high learning output. 

Target group: we focus on school leaders and in service training coördinators in schools. 

The course will include 5 elements: 
- General vision on school autonomy and its quality elements.
- Visit to schools, teacher training and university.
- Information sessions on quality plan, inclusion, didactical approaches, special needs education and ICT integration.
- Discussions with teacher and management staff.
- Cultural interaction with the local students and teachers.

Provisional programme ‘Finnish Lessons for European Schools’

Day 1
Focus 1: The Finnish Educational System: criteria for success.

Day 2
Focus 2: Quality management in education

Day 3
Focus 3: The role of the teacher and teacher training reform

Day 4
Focus 4: Transfer of quality elements to local context and action plan

Day 5
Focus 5: Challenges for future education systems

Methodology of the course:
Interactive lectures in schools and teacher training institute.
Study visits to primary and secondary schools.
Meet and greet with teachers from Finnish schools

AcQuired competences

  • Have a vision on school autonomy and its quality elements.
  • Have visited Finnish schools, teacher training and university.
  • Have information on quality plan, inclusion, didactical approaches, special needs education and ICT integration in the Finnish school system.
  • Discussions with teacher and management staff.

Feedback from participants

  • I want to thank the trainers again for this wonderful initiative. A new world of great opportunities for me and, more importantly, has opened for the school. 
  • It was indeed very rewarding: both the visit to the Finnish schools and related information as well as being with so many passionate people. 
  • Thank you for all this! A.
  • The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that this trip was very instructive in many ways. I learned a lot of information about the Finnish school system, but also a lot thanks to the numerous, sometimes noisy conversations with colleagues. I think we have a airly short period of time anyway never chatted so much about education. It also made ​​me realise that our teachers are doing properly well and that our fellow managers respect and appreciate their their commitment. And last but not least: I really do see beautiful friendships, and that's quite a nice bonus.



Finland - Joensuu
The course is organized in the centre of Joensuu, Finland.


- We offer a flexible cost structure, allowing you to select the package that fits best your personal or school situation.
- For a detailed explanation, have a look at our 'Cost Structure'.

- You can request an Erasmus Plus grant from your national agency which will cover almost all costs of this course.
- We can guide you through the process of funding and application. To do so, you need the make a pre-registration.
- After pre-registration, we’ll contact you by mail and provide the application help.


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Don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information on the content and the organization of the course.
We can provide support during the process, give some help and provide tips for the application documents, advice you on the European Staff Development Plan (part of the application) or your professionalization plan and help you after approval with the practical arrangements (e.g. information on travel and accommodation).

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