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Experience Learning in an International Context !

Quality Charter

  • Our courses are the result, spin off or outcome of previous international projects or are developed, tested and validated within an international context.
  • We strongly integrate the use of ICT in the preparatory phase, during the course activities and as a  means of evaluation, dissemination and follow up.
  • We apply a system of permanent feedback and continuous evaluation by the participants. This evaluation is taken into account and is already used to adjust and improve the courses during the ongoing sessions.
  • We combine scientifically validated course content in combination with a friendly, informal and relaxed teaching and training atmosphere. Our trainers and participants are part of one team. We invest in team building activities.
  • The courses are organized in a highly professional environment, respecting local culture and traditions.
  • We value the principles of socio-constructivist learning, resulting in the active attitude of every participant during the courses.
  • We enhance the European dimension of the course by working with a multinational team of trainers from different backgrounds and nationalities, as we equally aim at a multinational group of participants.
  • The courses are offered in English, but we cherish the use of all languages during work sessions, multilateral or bilateral contacts.
  • We keep an open mind towards the diversity that exists in society and want this to be reflected in our team of trainers and in the circle of participants.
  • We provide a 'Certificate of Attendance' and a 'Declaration of Obtained Competences" (such as knowledge, skills and attitudes) and where possible a 'Declaration of Non-Formal Learning" (personal, social and organizational competences).
  • The quality management of the course organization is EFQM inspired.
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