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Experience Learning in an International Context !

Support and Funding

  • The application of funding in Erasmus+ implies following a strict procedure.
  • No more individuals are able to apply. The head of the school/organization will decide the number of members from the school/organization that will be sent to attend the in-service training courses.
  • The head of the school/organization applies for a grant to attend a course that will cover the needs of the school/organisation. The course has to fit into the schools' development plan.
  • The main point in the application is the European Strategy for developing the school/organization. Here the applicant has to identify its needs and benefits of sending staff to training abroad.
  • There is no limit to the number of people attending a course or the requested grant, but it has to be realistic. A team can attend the same course.
  • From 2015 on, an application can be filled on behalf of a consortium. This is a group of schools from the same country and a local/regional authority or school coordination body.
  • For applications presented by a consortium, the coordinating organisation can be a partner school, a local or regional school authority or
    school coordination body. All other partners involved in the national consortium must be schools.
  • The application could cover a one or two year's period.
  • The funding consists out of several elements. For detailed amounts see table on page "Application Help".
  • Travel: depends the distance, make your calculation using the offical EU "distance calculator"
  • Subsistence: (training days + travel days) x daily allowance; National Agency decides the amount.
  • Course fee: fixed at € 70 per course day.
  • Organisational costs: € 350 per participant.
  • Special needs support: depends individual situation.
  • We offer a flexible cost structure, allowing you to select the package that fits best your personal or school situation.
  • The deadline for application is 1 February 2019 and the selection results are expected in June 2019.

- If you belong to the school education sector (formerly Comenius), look in the official EU Erasmus+ Programme guide on page 64.

- If you belong to the adult education sector (formerly Grundtvig), look in the official EU Erasmus+ Programme guide on page 70.

>>> Download the official Erasmus+ Programme guide

>>> Coordinates of all National Agencies involved in the Erasmus+ programme.